Pop Up Food Pantry

We are an immediate response pantry, set up here to support those in need during an unprecedented time of uncertainty. There is no fee for this service.

Although you are unable to support our cause financially at this time, the only thing we ask is that you continue to spread kindness throughout the community and offer your time, if available at a charity near you. Once you are able to Donate or if you are able to donate small amounts now, please donate to Ozarks Food Harvest and signify “BEATING 19” plan. 

Pop Up Food Pantry

We ask that you understand that;

1) This is a stop gap program that is designed to help you create a meal program for yourself and your family for a 3-day need period.

2) This is an internet based program, call in orders are not accepted. If you know of someone that does not have the ability to order online such as elderly or non-internet savvy persons, phone communication will be accepted.

3) The maximum request totals for each item is set up to help a family of 4. If you are a single household or couple, please order appropriately. Larger families please note on order.

4) Understand that this is designed to help those in need, please don’t over-order. We will be replenishing the stock as soon as we have the opportunity to do and if we are out of the item you need check back later you may place another order for pickup for that item.

5) You will be scheduled a pick up time and ask that you make effort to adhere to that time.

6) **IMPORTANT** Look in your pantry, cabinets and refrigerator to see what your inventory is.

7) Look up meals you can create (The internet is a great place) that contain the items you have on hand and use our Pantry to accompany your items to make a meal.

8) Place your Pop Up Food Pantry order, request a time of pick up and wait for a confirmation response. Your order in is not accepted until you receive the response.

Be Safe. Be Strong.